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Taking Action for Whole Health & Wellbeing 

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Taking Action for Whole Health & Wellbeing Workshop

This evidence-based co-facilitated programme helps participants develop a personal wellness plan to enhance their lifestyle through recovery, sustaining, and improving whole health outcomes. 

This programme introduces participants to concepts underpinning recovery in mental health and supports attendees in developing personalised wellness tools, skills, and strategies for whole health and wellbeing. This training is a co-facilitated programme delivered over two days by Taking Action for Whole Health and Wellbeing facilitators accredited by the Copeland Center. It is available to the staff and volunteers of Family Resource Centres within the FRC National Forum Network.

Taking Action Co-Facilitator Training

This five-day co-facilitated program is designed to prepare participants to co-facilitate workshops based on SAMHSA's Taking Action material, through which they will acquire the skills, knowledge, and confidence to deliver groups.  During the five-day training, participants learn and practice the Copeland Center's processes for co-facilitating high-quality, evidence-based, experiential-based peer strategies and co-facilitation skills. 

This facilitator training is available to Family Resource Centre Staff and Volunteers who would like to co-facilitate the Taking Action for Whole Health curriculum within their FRC. 


To attend the 5-day Taking Action for Whole Health Facilitator Training, participants must have:

  • Completed the Taking Action for Whole Health workshop;

  • to have a solid working knowledge of the Taking Action Program 

  • They should be willing and able to share their experiential knowledge of how Taking Action for Wellness and Recovery has enhanced their lifestyle and improved their health and wellbeing.  

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