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European Mental Health Week 
Better Together: Co-creating the Future of Mental Health


About the Week

Mental Health Europe is the home of the European Mental Health Week – a pan-European initiative that takes place every year in May – the largest opportunity for the whole of Europe to come together and focus on positive change for mental health. 

 This week-long event is an opportunity for individuals from all over Europe and beyond to engage in discussions about various aspects of mental health, share personal stories of coping with challenges during times of crisis and in general, emphasise the need for action to combat stigma, discrimination, and exclusion, and champion good mental health for everyone. 

Every May, European Mental Health Week brings together a diverse array of participants from across Europe, including young people, families, caregivers, mental health advocates, representatives from both the private and public sectors, our members, care professionals, human rights experts, EU-level policymakers, national governments, and numerous other supporters who rally behind this annual event. 

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