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Nora Conway is one of our highly regarded and valued Health and Wellbeing Community Referral Team.  Nora currently works in the Midleton Family Resource Centre in County Cork. 

Noras' desire to be involved in community development stems from childhood.  She grew up seeing people working together for the greater good and the positive impact this had on the people around her and her community.  Nora believes in and lives the motto, "It takes more than a person to raise a village and its community".

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Read what Nora has to say: 

"I am all about synergy and working together. The role of the Social Prescribing Link Workers' role is to support and empower people, to help them make better choices in relation to their mental health and wellbeing. Social Prescribing places the person at the centre of the process, where the service user is heard and understood and is in control of their own wellbeing journey.​ The best part of my job is getting to work directly with a diverse range of people from the local community and getting to hear about the things that matter most to them. Their strength, courage and resilience is humbling and I feel very privileged that they put their trust in me. One of the most challenging areas of my job is supporting people in rural communities. There are many people who would like to avail of the service but are hindered from doing so because of issues around transport.  If you don't have a car or access to good reliable public transportation, it's difficult to attend or participate in any local activity or social group. ​This issue is highlighted a lot, but we need to keep raising it, as it is one of the greatest contributing factors to isolation and loneliness in rural Ireland."

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