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FRC Western Region LGBT+ Network

Resource Pack Supporting LGBTIQ+ Communities Training

  • Galway

Service Description

Make your community more welcoming and safer. With the achievement of marriage equality and the enactment of the Gender Recognition Act 2015, recent years have seen Ireland become a more inclusive and welcoming place for LGBTIQ+ people. However, many LGBTIQ+ people still experience prejudice, discrimination, and exclusion. In 2019, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) found that the highest rates of discrimination in Ireland were reported by people who identify as LGBTIQ+ (33.2%), followed by people of non-white ethnic backgrounds, the unemployed, and non-Irish people. Left unchecked, these negative attitudes and behaviours are likely to have a harmful affect. The Resource Pack was created by the Galway LGBTI+ Interagency Group, which is a partnership of statutory, community, and voluntary organisations from across Galway City and County. The Resource Pack contains a sample Code of Practice Guide for your FRC along with a description of the role of the Code of Practice leader. It also contains information on available training, support services, relevant organisations, and some helpful definitions. The Public Recognition Marker (designed specifically for Western Region LGBT+ Network) is a tool included in the resource pack. It is to be displayed in your premises to convey that your Family Resource Centre is welcome and inclusive to all patrons. This Workshop on using the resource pack will provide some simple and practical actions open to all Family Resource Centres in the Western Region to help make their community more welcoming and safer and help make things easier for LGBTIQ+ people. This event will take place on the 6th September at the Family Centre Dublin Road Tuam, Galway from 11am-1pm. We invite one member of the VBOM and one member of staff from each FRC in the region to attend one of the workshops. Fiona McDonagh-Delaney of AMACH! LGBT Galway stated: “We strongly believe that when community organisations, clubs and service providers engage with the LGBTI+ community through embracing this Resource Pack, and all the useful tools it provides; it will have a positive impact on the lives of LGBTI+ people in Galway city and county. It is another strong symbol of support and inclusivity from the wider community; LGBTI+ people are safe and welcome at your services and in your clubs”.

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