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Suicide Prevention 

Code of Practice Training

Our Suicide Prevention Code of Practice was developed and endorsed Jointly by the National Forum of Family Resource Centre and the National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP). Subsequently, a National Working Group was set up to facilitate training and progress the implementation of this Code of Practice across all Family Resource Centres in Ireland. This working group resulted in the formation of the National FRC Mental Health Promotion Project. 


Since NOSP is responsible for driving the implementation of Connecting for Life - Ireland's National Strategy to Reduce Suicide 2015-2022, they and TUSLA support the National FRC Mental Health Promotion Project in our collective mission to reduce the number of deaths by suicide across Ireland. 

Evidence shows that suicide prevention requires a coordinated coherent response across all communities and a consistent, standardised approach to education and training; therefore,  our Suicide Prevention Code of Practice Training is co-facilitated with an HSE Suicide Prevention Resource Officer.


What are the learning objectives of the FRC Suicide Prevention Code of Practice training? 


Participants gain the knowledge and skills to:

  • Implement the Suicide Prevention Code of Practice in their Family Resource Centre.

  • Understand the statistical evidence concerning Ireland's need for a cohesive suicide prevention policy.

  • Recognise Family Resource Centres' vital role in reducing suicide in Ireland.

  • Link the   Suicide Prevention Code of Practice with other policies and practices already implemented in their FRC.

  • Gather insight into the recommended guidelines for staff and volunteers around identifying and responding to suicidal behaviour. 

  • Support mutual learning around implementing a Suicide Prevention Code of Practice within their FRC.

  • Develop and implement a Self-Care Strategy for the Staff and Volunteers in the aftermath of an incident within their community. 

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