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FRC Health and Wellbeing Community Referral Programme

Why Family Resource Centres? 

The FRC Mental Health Promotion Project is the lead and support organisation for 10 Health & Wellbeing Community Referral Sites within Family Resource Centres across Cork and Kerry in partnership with Cork/Kerry HSE Health and Wellbeing. 


Why Family Resource Centres?  Family Resource Centres support all children, families, and communities to actively participate in and be included in a society free from prejudice, inequality, discrimination, and exclusion, which contributes positively to their mental health and overall well-being. 

Ideally placed within their communities and offering a non-stigmatizing, safe, welcoming environment, FRCs have been instrumental in enabling the growth of social prescribing across the country.


As community-based organisations, they are easily accessible to individuals at higher risk of experiencing mental health difficulties or those who may need more broad support to help improve their quality of life and overall health and well-being.

In addition, FRCs are experienced in identifying and responding to individual needs to ensure timely referrals to specialist services or voluntary support.  Consequently, they have established local connections with organisations and support services and offer a range of support groups and activities that Link Workers can access and signpost.

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