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World Mental Health Month, October 2022  
World Mental Health Day October 10th, 2022 

Mental Health & Wellbeing for all a Global Priority.

Since 1992 The World Federation for Mental Health has campaigned yearly to raise awareness around mental health difficulties and recovery.  World Mental Health Day provides the opportunity to raise awareness about global mental health issues.  It creates an opportunity for people to call for action and advocate for change in mental health attitudes, services, and education.  As set by the World Federation for Mental Health, this year's theme is Mental Health & Wellbeing for All: A Global Priority.

According to the World Health Organisation, there is increasing evidence that the prevention of mental illness is imperative and achievable by using both general and targeted evidence-based interventions.  At all stages of life, promotion and prevention are required to enhance mental wellbeing and resilience, prevent the onset and impact of mental health conditions, and drive down the need for mental health care.  Everyone can play a part in raising awareness around preventive mental health interventions to improve outcomes for individuals across the spectrum of mental disorders and life courses. 

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Download Our World Mental Health Day Poster Here

World Mental Health Day is an opportunity for people with mental health conditions, advocates, governments, employers, employees, and other stakeholders to come together to recognise progress in this field and to be vocal about what we need to do to ensure Mental Health & Well-Being becomes a Global Priority for all.

This year Mental Health Ireland is extending the campaign and theme to the whole of October. This campaign seeks to increase mental health awareness, initiate open conversations about mental health, reduce stigma and encourage individuals to seek support when dealing with mental health difficulties. Working in co-production with other organisations, they aim to ensure mental health and wellbeing remain at the centre of government policy and become a priority for every individual in Ireland. 

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Get involved by emailing the Campaign Email Address:

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