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The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network

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The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network (ICBN) is a member organisation where members share a vision that all children and young people, together with the adults in their lives, can easily access a choice of high-quality local and national information, guidance and support to enable them to manage the impact of death on their lives.

Every November, the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network (ICBN) organise a series of events across Ireland to highlight bereaved children's needs and provide a voice for them to be heard.

Children are the "hidden mourners" in our society. They feel the loss over a lifetime and in different ways as they grow and learn to understand the real meaning of death and loss.

Every child has unique needs, perspectives and understandings of what death means.

Please find a selection of resources and graphics for use in workplaces and communities to raise awareness about Bereaved Children's Awareness Week 2023. Visit Bereaved Children's Awareness Week - Irish Childhood Bereavement Network.

Children Express Grief Differently – An Educational Resource

This 12-minute video by ICBN provides an overview of how children grieve and explores ways that adults can offer support. This can be used within any organisation working with children and families to set the context for a discussion to enhance your understanding of the needs of bereaved children and young people.

Bereavement & Loss Hub - Irish Hospice Foundation

Everyone experiences death through bereavement, and the Irish Hospice Foundation believe grief support should be available for all who need it.

Being there for those who are grieving and understanding their needs is a key pillar of the work of the Irish Hospice Foundation.

As a national leader in the development of bereavement care, they collaborate with bereavement care providers and charities to provide information, resources and programmes for individuals, families, communities and workplaces.

Visit Bereavement & Loss Hub


Specialist bereavement services where children and young people are supported to grieve; and where parents and guardians can find information on grief in children, adolescents, and families. Resources also include free downloadable e-books. 



Supports children and young people with bereavement or parental separation.


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