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Hello, How are you? 
mAY 15, 


Hello, How Are You? is a campaign about connecting with those around us and engaging in open conversations about mental health. It’s about asking the question, ‘How Are You?’ with meaning and really listening to the response.


The unique premise of this campaign is to encourage people to not just ask the question, but to support people in knowing what to do next.

H – Say Hello 

This encourages starting the conversation, asking the question, using open-ended questions and choosing the right place to talk.

E – Engage 

This is about being friendly and engaging and using inviting body language

L – Listen

Be relaxed and show that you are listening by nodding appropriately and asking open-ended questions that will give you more of the story.

L – Learn

Let the person know you have listened by repeating back what you have heard them say.

Ask if they are aware of supports available and have that information to hand.

O – Ongoing Support

Check back in with the person and see how they are getting on.

For more information, please contact Mental Health Ireland at Our Staff - Mental Health Ireland

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