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What We Do

Education, Training & Best Practice Guidance 

We are a project within the National Forum of Family Resource Centres.  The FRC National Forum represents 121 Family Resource Centres around the country and has worked consistently over the last 20 years to promote and support the needs of Families and Communities in the most disadvantaged areas of our country.


Our project strives to utilise the strengths and resilience of communities to create awareness, educate, break down barriers, and offer solutions to the complex issue of mental health.


What we do: 


Suicide Prevention:

  • Supporting suicide prevention through training, guidance, building relationships and consolidating support, the FRC MHPP provides free education, training, and best practice guidance around suicide prevention, wellness recovery action planning, self-care and positive mental health promotion to the management, staff, and volunteers of 121 Family Resource Centres across Ireland.  

Building Connections: 

  • We co-hosted information-sharing networking events with the HSE and Mental Health Ireland for Family Resource Centres and community organisations around suicide prevention.  These events help to build a mental health support network by signposting resources and support services and developing connections at a local level. 


Social Prescribing:

  • We are also the lead and support organisation for 10 Health and Wellbeing Community Referral Sites in Cork and Kerry.  The HSE funds this community-based Health and Wellbeing Community Referral Program through the Cork/Kerry HSE Health & Wellbeing.  This project is a tremendous success due to the dedication of our Link Workers and the National FRC Mental Health Promotion Project's administrative effectiveness.


  • As a mental health promotion organisation, we support and promote other mental health not-for-profit organisations and governmental agencies across Ireland that provide mental health and wellbeing services, resources, training and awareness campaigns free of charge to the public. 

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