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'Mental Health is a Universal Human Right'.


How Can You Support World Mental Health Month? 

You can support and celebrate World Mental Health Month this October in many ways.  Everyone can play a role in increasing awareness of mental health. 

  • Have open conversations about mental health

  • Promote the campaign on Social Media

  • Invite your friends to go to a Mental Health Ireland event 

  • Organise a Mental Health Awareness event  

  • Host a Connect Cafe 
    Mental Health Ireland has co-developed a toolkit for people to host a Connect Café.  A Connect Café is an opportunity to bring people together for a chat and a cuppa and raise mental health awareness.  Learn more about hosting a Connect Café here.


Don't forget to register your World Mental Health Month Event or find out what events are being held in your area here

Download Free Resources 

MHI has co-designed a range of free downloadable resources you can use throughout the month to show your support for the campaign. 

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