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World Suicide Bereavement Day
November 16th 2022

A day to create awareness and to encourage anyone bereaved by suicide to join together

for healing and support.


Approximately 500 people die by suicide in Ireland each year.8 For each person who dies, six close family members and up to 135 individuals may be affected by the death. This equates to more than 3,000 immediate family members and 60,000 individuals who may be impacted by suicide in Ireland every year. Each suicide has a devastating and lasting impact on the families, friends and communities of those who died - Connecting for Life.

The aftermath of a suicide is shocking, debilitating, surreal and life-changing. The Initial feelings of guilt, blame, shame and anger often manifested in enduring physical and psychological difficulties. These can include post-traumatic stress disorder, depressive disorders, anxiety, and substance abuse; an increased risk of suicide; increased physical complaints; and an increased risk of developing persistent complex bereavement.

But there is support to help those who are suicide bereaved to live with this loss. HUGG is a peer support organisation that provides a safe, confidential environment in which those bereaved by suicide can share their experiences and feelings, giving and gaining support from each other.


People who are suicide bereaved sometimes find it difficult to talk to people who have not experienced suicide loss. Often the best conversations are had with peers – other people bereaved by suicide. HUGG support groups are facilitated by people who have been bereaved by suicide. The groups are open, meet fortnightly and are free of charge. You do not have to speak; there is healing in just being with those who understand your pain.


If you would like to go to a HUGG group, please fill out the 'Join a Group' form on the HUGG website. Or, for more information, you can email or call their monitored answering machine at 01 513 4048


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