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What you say about our training.....

What you think matters to us. We use your feedback to determine if we are providing you with what you need and it helps us to improve our service and how we operate.

If you work within a Family Resource Centre and want to share your views on our training, please email our Training and Policy Officer, Mary Mulcahy; we ask that you include your name and FRC so Mary can better assist you and relate to your comments. Contact Mary here.

"Very well presented."

"Continue the great work that you are doing in providing training and support where needed."

"It was an enjoyable experience; I learned a lot."

"The Mental Health Promotion Project has helped and continues to help all of us through the programs you run now."

"Having a better understanding of what to look out for in other people and yourself leaves you feeling you may be able to support someone if they present to you."

"It's lovely that the 30 minutes for me is run so often and that we are encouraged to participate."

"We are lucky to be offered so much training; we need it."

"A very informative and enjoyable training event over the 2 days, thanks."

"The interaction between the facilitators and the people doing the activity was very useful."

"Peer interactions, the concept of wellness toolbox, was beneficial."

"Lovely calming session."

"Very clear instructions.... about the technology as well as the topic. I appreciated this."

"Pleasantly surprised and found it extremely enjoyable, 3 of my colleagues also joined in, and all commented on how lovely it was."

"The facilitator had a very soothing voice and was professional and effective."

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