Group Lecture


Our Vision is of an Ireland where fewer lives are lost through suicide and where both communities and individuals are empowered to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Our Mission is to provide education, training and support to staff and volunteers of all 121 Family Resource Centres which will have a positive impact on their mental health and the mental health of the communities they work in.

Family Resource Centres provide universal supports to individuals and families across their life-course. As the only national programme that offers such a drop-in service to the public, they are presented with a wide range of social issues. Often underpinning these issues are mental health difficulties. 

The National Family Resource Centre Mental Health Promotion Project undertakes the following key areas of work:

  • Promoting Social Connectedness through our Social Prescribing Project & Training

  • Promoting Community Resilience through Self-Care Training

  • Providing Pathways to Care through ouSocial Prescribing Project & Training    

  • Combating Stigma through Creating Awareness, Advocacy and Dialogue

  • Creating an informed cohesive response through The Research & Development of The Suicide Code of Practice.