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# TravellerPride
3rd - 14th July 2023

The National FRC Mental Health Promotion Project supports the #TravellerPride National Campaign.

Traveller Pride Week, is an annual event celebrating the heritage and culture of the Traveller community in Ireland, will begin on Monday, 3rd July with events taking place across Ireland. The programme includes more than 40 free events across 22 counties.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘A celebration of Traveller change-makers in Irish history’, and will feature art exhibitions, film screenings, panel discussions, musical performances, workshops, and community gatherings.

Support our traveller community by:

  • Attending an event near you to learn more about Traveller history

  • Inviting a local Traveller group to share their lived experience with your group

  • Finding common ground so you can build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the Traveller community 

  • Standing up against the stigma and discrimination experienced by Travellers 

  • Raising awareness of the contributing factors to Travellers' poor mental health issues

  • Sharing Traveller-specific information, events and resources

  • Treating everyone with kindness, dignity and respect

To find out what Traveller Pride events are taking place in your area, please download

The Traveller Pride Program of Events 2023


Traveller Mental Health Help lines.png

See Change the National Mental Health Stigma Reduction Partnership and Shine, a national organisation providing information and support for people affected by mental health difficulties, working to reduce stigma, shine a light on some of the causes of Traveller's mental health issues. 


Roads from the Past, Travellers’ Times Films, 2019

This lovely video is an animated history of Britain’s Gypsies, Roma and Irish Travellers.

Irish Travellers are a recognised indigenous minority ethnic group. 

The video content was based on research completed in 2019 to create a Traveller history leaflet. Cork Travellers Women’s Network  (CTWN) assembled a team of three Traveller women to link with animator Hazel Hurley.  They worked together virtually to develop a script, which dictated the overall content and image style.
CTWN also linked in with the Cork City Heritage Officer during this process. The team also recorded the voice over narration and the project was funded by a Community Heritage Grant from The Heritage Council

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