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FRC therapeutic framework 

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The Family Resource Centre National Forum recently launched the Therapeutic Framework Roadmap for Family Resource Centers (FRCs), underpinned by fundamental values and guidance to inform the therapeutic practice within FRCs.

This framework serves as a strategic guide for FRCs to ensure therapeutic principles and best practices are integrated into their services, with the ultimate aim of supporting the well-being and resilience of individuals and families in their communities.


Accompanying this Roadmap is a suite of policies that provide the necessary guidelines, procedures, and standards to support the implementation and operation of the therapeutic framework within Family Resource Centers (FRCs).  These policies ensure consistency, quality, accountability, and best practices across all aspects of FRCs' therapeutic support services and can be adapted to the specific needs of each Family Resource Centre.  Access these policies through the members area of the FRC National Forum website:

Why should Family Resource Centres adopt this ROADMAP?

Aligning with best-practice therapeutic guidelines, policies, and procedures is essential for promoting the well-being, safety, and rights of individuals receiving therapeutic services while also supporting the professionalism and effectiveness of service providers.

Quality of Care: Following established guidelines ensures that individuals receive high-quality care based on evidence and best practices.

Safety: Adhering to guidelines and procedures helps to mitigate risks and enhance safety for both service users and providers. 

Legal and Ethical Compliance: Compliance with guidelines, policies, and procedures helps organisations and professionals meet legal and ethical obligations. 

Consistency and Standardisation: Following established guidelines promotes consistency and standardisation in the delivery of care. 

Continuous Improvement: Guidelines are often updated based on new research, emerging evidence, and evolving best practices. 

Professional Development: Engaging with guidelines and best practices supports ongoing professional development for therapists, counsellors, and other service professionals.

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