Suicide Bereavement 

If you are or have been bereaved by suicide you may experience a range of emotions including shock, disbelief, guilt and anger. As suicide may occur unexpectedly or be very sudden, this makes it traumatic for those left behind (particularly for family and friends).

You are not alone - Death by Suicide is an overwhelming loss that can leave families, friends and communities with a range of emotions and many unanswered questions. While the pattern of grief is unique to every individual person, many of those bereaved by suicide will experience similar feelings.

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Sadly, death is an unavoidable part of life. We will inevitably lose loved ones through illness, old age, or unforeseen circumstances as we go through life. Bereavement refers to the state of loss, while grief is the reaction to that loss. Coming to terms with bereavement and the grieving process is different for everyone. Bereavement and grief can significantly impact a person’s mental health. People who already suffer from a mental health condition can find that their condition worsens after the death of a loved one, and otherwise mentally healthy people may develop poor mental health as a result.


Supporting Role - If you are in a supporting role, it is essential to be extremely sensitive to the bereaved person's needs. It's also important to know that if you are in a supportive role, there may come a time when you find that you can no longer offer the level or standard of support that is needed. Contact your local Suicide Bereavement Liaison Officer who is there to provide dedicated support and resources during such challenging times. 


The Suicide Bereavement Liaison Service is a free, confidential service that provides assistance and support to families and individuals after the loss of a loved one to suicide. Funded by the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP), different agencies provide the service throughout Ireland, namely Pieta (nationwide), The Family Centre (in Mayo) and Vita House (in Roscommon). Visit the HSE Bereavement Supports and Services for more information and resources.  If you need more information, contact your local Liaison Officers for your county who will offer guidance and support to those Bereaved by Suicide.  

Sadness is a natural response to losing a loved one. Still, if you find you are becoming depressed or have feelings of anxiety that do not pass, you should consult a medical professional for help and advice.

Below is a list of general bereavement support services you may find helpful.

The Irish Hospice Foundation
Information and resources for coping with grief in children, adolescents, and families.

These include:

  • podcasts on grief & loss

  • guided practices on grief

  • videos on understanding loss & grief
Provides information and self-help resources for widows, widowers and bereaved life partners.

Organisations for bereaved parents & families

Anam Cara
Supports parents after bereavement by:

  • signposting to services

  • providing information evenings in the community throughout the country

Provides support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during or after pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Ireland
Provides information for bereaved parents and healthcare staff about pregnancy and infant loss.

Provides crisis intervention and free professional counselling services to bereaved parents and family members who have suddenly lost a child up to 18 years.

A Little Lifetime Foundation
Provides information and support to bereaved parents and families.

Organisations for bereaved children

A specialist bereavement service where children and young people are supported to grieve. Provides information on grief in children, adolescents and families and free e-books.

The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network
Information and resources for coping with grief in children, adolescents and families.

Supports children and young people with bereavement or parental separation.