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Suicide Bereavement 

If you have been bereaved by suicide, it may be hard for you to reach out for support. 

You may experience many emotions. These can include shock, disbelief, guilt, and anger. Because suicide can occur unexpectedly or suddenly, family and friends can be traumatised and unsure how to cope or where to seek support. 

You are not alone - Death by Suicide is an overwhelming loss that can leave families, friends, and communities with a range of emotions and many unanswered questions.


While the pattern of grief is unique to every person, many of those bereaved by suicide will experience similar feelings.

You are not alone - A resource from the HSE helps guide you through those feelings. Download your copy by clicking on the image.

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Getting Professional Help

Suicide survivors are more likely than other bereaved people to seek the help of mental health professionals. Look for a skilled therapist who is experienced in working with grief after suicide.

A therapist can support you in many ways, including:

  • Helping you make sense of the death and better understand any psychiatric problems the deceased may have had

  • Treating you, if you're experiencing PTSD

  • Exploring unfinished issues in your relationship with the deceased

  • Aiding you in coping with divergent reactions among family members

  • Offering support and understanding as you go through your unique grieving process.


Immediately after the suicide, assistance from a mental health professional may be particularly beneficial if you experience any of the following:

  • Increased depression (or if you have a history of depression).

  • Flashbacks, anxiety, or other symptoms of PTSD.

  • The unwillingness of family or friends to continue talking about the loss.

  • Suicidal thoughts or plans.

  • Physical symptoms include ongoing sleep problems, significant weight gain or loss, or increasing dependency on tobacco or alcohol.

  • Feelings of being stuck or unable to move forward (however slowly and painfully) in the grieving process.

  • Discomfort in discussing troubling aspects of your relationship with the deceased.

  • Slight improvement after several months. 

Read more at -  Left behind after suicide - Harvard Health.

For more support, contact - HSE Suicide Breievement Liaison Office. 

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