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All Ireland Social Prescribing Network 

About the Network:

The All Ireland Social Prescribing Network comprises academics, health service executives, doctors, link workers, social care and community development practitioners, and health promotion professionals connected by a shared belief in Social Prescribing's potential as a force for good.


The network believes that Social Prescribing reduces health inequalities and improves wellbeing by targeting the social determinants of health.  Therefore, the network aims to champion Social Prescribing so that it is valued, understood and sustained across the Island of Ireland.  In pursuit of this purpose, the All Ireland Social Prescribing Network operates under an agreed set of principles.  These principles include: 

  • Preserving an all-island inclusive approach;

  • Ensuring the work of the network is informed by their subscribers;

  • Maintaining a cross-sector collaborative perspective; 

  • Upholding an effective governance and transparency policy;

  • Focusing on inequality and the social determinants which affect positive health and wellbeing;

  • Promoting new ideas, models, approaches and evidence-based information.

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