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Eithne Foley is one of our highly regarded and valued Health and Wellbeing Community Referral Team.  Based at Mallow Family Resource Centre,  Eithne supports others to overcome barriers and helps bridge the gap between isolation and wellness so the people whom she collaborates with can live full, meaningful, healthy lives.

Throughout history, people have always formed groups, needed community, and thrived collectively; Eithne sees Social Prescribing as a part of this.  Knowing the benefits of feeling connected, Eithne makes it her mission to create awareness and build connections within her community to promote Health and Wellbeing Community Referral.  ​

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Radio InterviewEithne Foley
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Listen to Eithne talk about Social Prescribing; her passion is infectious.

Read what Eithne has to say:  

"I have always wanted to work with people and be an active member of my community. ​To me Social Prescribing is a preventative process, unique to everyone. It is a service that seeks to empower service users to take ownership of their own wellbeing and find solutions to overcome the issues that are affecting their quality of life.  Every person I work with has a distinct history, different strengths, and their own personal goals. My role is to support them to move closer to realising their goals. Every service user has their own unique take on life with a great deal to contribute. However, the most challenging part of my job is getting the word out that this fantastic free service is available. I am constantly reaching out to health professionals, community groups, and the community at large to promote North Cork Social Prescribing and social prescribing in general and this takes time away from the core work that I love. Nevertheless, as the service grows and spreads, I believe social prescribing will become an essential tool in everyone's health and wellbeing took-kit."

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